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Adoption is called Guddifachaa and it exists in Gadaa law in very prescriptive manner, because Oromo adoption is essentially a transfer of title from one parent to another, and in Oromo law, parents do not own their children.There is formal and ritual procedure of adoption in Oromo Law. In most ways, the adoptive parents are to the child as any birth parent would be. The Gadaa Law says that he who raises someone else's child is regarded as if he had actually brought him into the world physically. For those who cannot have children of their own, raising adoptive children satisfies the obligation to be fruitful and multiply. The child may be formally named as the child of the adoptive parents, owes the adoptive parents the same duty of respect as he would a birth parent, and observes formal mourning for the adoptive parents as he would for birth parents. Matters relevant to the child's status are determined by the status of the adoptive parents, not by that of the birth parents.

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