Markos Oromia Map and Nature Aug 17, 2021

Oromia region have large investment potentials for agricultural development. In the Region, investment in the agriculture sector is attractive and profitable for various diverse sub-sectors ranging from food products, industrial raw materials to bio-fuel. The region has fertile soils and diverse agro-ecology that makes it ideal for agriculture. Crop production, livestock and forestry account for 49%, 14% and 4% within the sector respectively. The major crops grown in the region are coffee, cereals, oilseeds, pulses, vegetables and fruits. Over 60% of Ethiopian's top export earner commodity coffee comes from Oromia Region. About 36% of livestock in Ethiopia, 37% of the poultry and 50% of the beehives are found in the Oromia.

The region is the leading investment destination in the country and strongly positioned in terms of infrastructure. In 2014/15, the agricultural sector of the region accounted for 53 % of the Regional Gross Domestic Products and provides over 85% of the employment and is a major earner of foreign currency for the nation. Its climate is suitable to grow almost all types of crop. Therefore, using large surface and ground water, investors can engage in the following agriculture-based activities

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