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Markos Trip and Tour Aug 17, 2021

Oromia: a paradise for Ornithology

There are about more than 800 species of birds known to occur in Oromia, 15 are found exclusively within the state's boundaries. Most of these birds are widely distributed, mainly on the western and southern highland plateau. Visiting Oromia provide a very enjoyable opportunity of seeing something new and unique for the tourist. For the bird watcher, it provide the experience of observing birds found nowhere else in the world.

Common list of Bird species one can observe in the region includes: Crowned and common cranes, Fish Eagle, king fisher, Jacanas, lapwings, Black Forest Oriole, the White Chicked Turacco and Senegal coucal, White Billed Starling, Ruppel's black chat, Lanner Falcon, Common Rock Trush, Abyssinian Wood Pecker, Brown Snake Eagle, African Pygmy Falcon, Black Crested Eagle, White Billed Bustard, Abyssinian Roller, Red and Yellow Barbet, Tawny, Battler, the Abyssinian and Lilac breasted Roller, Kore bustard, carmine bee-eater, yellow breasted francolin, Yellow Billed and Ground Horn Bill, Ruppel's Black Headed Weavers, Egyptian Vultures, Kori Bustard, Red Winged Bush Lark, Common and Red Billed Teals, Herons, different species of Proverbs, Saddle and Yellow Billed Storks, Yellow Fronted Parrot, Abyssinian Woodpecker, and Half Colored king fisher, Yellow Billed Wax bill, Scaly Francolin, Silver Checked Horn Bill, Red Winged Starling, Olive Trash, Red Capped Lark, Augur Buzzard, Abyssinian Flycatcher, Ground Horn Bill, Tawny Eagle, Abyssinian Woodpecker, Abyssinian Cat Bird, White Backed Black Tit, Olive Trush, Wattled Ibis, Rougt's Rail, Wattled Ibis, Cranes, African Pied Rock, Gray King Fisher, Spotted Creeper, Purple Swamp Hen, Giant King Fisher and beautiful Sun birds, Bush Crow and African Golden Oriole, Gray Headed Social Wavers, Black Breasted Barbet, Golden Breasted Starling, Pale Flycatcher, African Black Headed Oriole, Martial Eagle.

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