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Sof Omar is one of the most spectacular and extensive underground cave systems in the world. Formed by the Wabi River, as it changed its course in the distant past and carved out a new channel through limestone foothills, the Sof Omar system is an extraordinary natural phenomenon of breathtaking beauty. The cave which is now an important Islamic Shrine, was named after the saintly sheikh Sof Omar, who took refuge here many centuries ago, have a religious history that predates the arrival of the Muslims in Bale - a history calibrated in thousands of years.

Laga Oda Cave got its name from its riverside location surrounded by Oromo people sacred tree named Odaa. It is seven kilometers away from the main highway linking Dire Dawa to Harar. The road to it is a standard gravel road leading about 30 km. It is situated near a river on a steep cliff partly covered by bushes. The cave faces west and measures 60m high, 3m width and 4m depth. It looks like a two story building with painting on both the upper and lower floors.

The paintings in Danaba cave demonstrate cattle, human and other symbols of which the hump-less longhorn cattle is dominant. In addition, other domestic animals like sheep, goats, camels and dogs are drawn on the walls. There are also wild animals like giraffes, ibex (the wild mountain goat) and rabbit are painted in the walls and floors. As well, style wise humans are depicted in an H shape while the symbols include sun-like figures

Melka Kunture Pre-Historic Archaelogical Site , as it can be seen today, is part of a gently undulating landscape of the Upper Awash Valley, in the highlands of Ethiopia, at c. 2000m asl.. The archaeological deposits of Melka Kunture are a unique archive of human evolution, spanning over more than 1.7 million years, from Oldowan layers, to a very long and complex sequence of Acheulean layers, to Middle Stone Age and eventually by Late Stone Age layers. Accordingly, Melka Kunture can be seen as a laboratory for human evolution.

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