Investment Opportunities

Markos Invest in Oromia Aug 17, 2021

Investment Opportunities

Agriculture - Oromia is known as a home of organically grown agricultural products. It has ample arable land, diverse agro-ecological zones, good rainfall and irrigation potential. New private investment is encouraged in the production and processing of agricultural crops such as coffee (the country's single most important cash crop), tea, sugar, flowers, fruits and vegetables, teff, wheat, maize, beans, peas, lentils, soya beans, chickpeas etc., starch production, oil crops such as rapeseed, linseed, groundnuts, sunflower, sesame, maize, niger seed and cotton seed, as well as investment opportunities for introducing modern commercial livestock breeding and processing into the largest livestock population in Ethiopia (cattle, sheep and goats), plus significant freshwater fishery and apiculture resources. Investment is also required in the provision of agricultural support services such as pest and disease control, agricultural machinery and cold storage.

Textiles - opportunities for production and processing of cotton, as well as producing and finishing textile fabrics and garment production.

Leather and leather products - opportunities for investment in tanning to finishing: manufacture of luggage items, handbags, saddle and harness items, footwear and garments.

Horticulture - cut flowers, fruits and vegetable are fast-growing export businesses, with great potential for private investment.

Energy production - a huge unexploited hydropower potential as well as thermal, wind and solar energy production opportunity. Foreign investors can participate in the generation of power.

Mining - as a result of the conducive fiscal and legislative environment, the state is now enjoying the participation of both foreign and local investors in exploration and mining. The country is endowed with metallic, industrial, construction and precious minerals. Exploration is also on going for oil and gas deposits.

Construction - manufacturing of cement, ceramics, gypsum, marble, granite, and (?) limestone, lime, etc. as well as participation in the real-estate development and leasing of construction equipment.

Tourism - untapped tourism potential that ranges from historic, natural and cultural attractions providing ample opportunities for investment in hotels, lodges (including eco-lodges), international restaurants and setting up tour operators.

Privatization - state-owned enterprises are open for privatisation mainly in the leather, shoes, textiles, mining, food & beverage industries, transport and construction, agri-services, hotels & tourism and pharmaceutical industries.

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