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Markos Oromia Map and Nature Aug 17, 2021

The Oromia National Regional State is one of the regional states in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Except for the Tigrai Regional State, the Oromia Regional State shares borders with all of Ethiopia's regional states. The region also shares international boundary lines with Sudan (66km) and Kenya (521km) in the West and in the South respectively. Oromia is one of the most populous regional states and is located in the very heart of the country. The capital city of the Region is Finfinne (Addis Ababa), which is also the capital city of Ethiopia.The city is an important regional and international transport hub. The road network radiates from Finfinne to all Regions linking it with important cities, towns, and other economically active centers of the country. International highways also link Finfinne and other cities, towns and other regional states with neighboring countries such as Kenya, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.

Currently the state consists of 21 administrative zones. The region covers an area of more than 369,000 square km (almost one-third of the country) with a diverse climate and Geography.Oromia has fertile soil, and is centrally located within Ethiopia allowing for a diverse agro-ecology that makes it ideal for all investment sectors. With its mostly fertile soils, Oromia is the breadbasket of Ethiopia, producing more than half of the nation agricultural crop, and it is also home to almost half of its large livestock. Oromia hosts many of Ethiopia's more alluring natural attractions, notably Bale and Awash national parks and the lakes of the Rift Valley and Bishoftu. It is rich in minerals, ranging from gold and platinum to iron ore and limestone. Oromia is a major contributor to Ethiopian main exports - gold, coffee, khat and cattle. Lega Dembi in Guji Zone, owned by MIDROC has exported more than 5000 kilograms of gold followed by Tulu Kapi gold deposit in West Welega Zone. Awoday in East Hararghe Zone is the biggest market of khat exporting to Djibouti and Somalia.

Towns in the region include Adama, Ambo, Agaro, Asella, Asendabo, Badessa, Bale Robe, Bedele, Bishoftu, Begi, Bedele, Beshasha, Bule Hora, Burayu, Chiro, Dembidolo, Fiche, Finifinne, Gelemso, Gimbi, Goba, Haramaya, Holeta, Jimma, Koye Feche, Metu, Modjo, Moyale, Negele Arsi, Negele Borena, Nekemte, Robe, Sebeta, Shambu, Shashamane, Taji, Tulubollo, Waliso, and Yabello, among many others. It is bordered by the Somali Region to the east; the Amhara Region, the Afar Region and the Benishangul-Gumuz Region to the north; Dire Dawa to the northeast; the South Sudanese state of Upper Nile, Gambela Region, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region and Sidama Region to the west; the Eastern Province of Kenya to the south; as well as Addis Ababa as an enclave surrounded by Special Zone in its center and the Harari Region as an enclave surrounded by East Hararghe in its east.

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