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As any concept, Oromummaa has different meanings on conventional, theoretical, political, and ideological levels. Most Oromos know their linguistic, cultural, historical, and behavioral patterns that have closely connect together all of their sub-identities to the Oromo nation. There is a clear conventional understanding among all Oromo branches and individuals on these issues. Oromummaa is one of the essential pieces that forms a common bond between the Oromo people besides their common history, culture and language.

Oromumma is the manifestation of the Oromo Culture, its traditional dresses, its poetry and oral traditions. Oromummaa is an Oromo cultural identity and oppressed nationalism looking at its impact on the Oromo national movement, community organizations, political and societal unity. Oromo society have increased the commitment for the restoration of the Oromo national identity and the achievement of sovereignty through developing the intellectual, theoretical, and ideological aspects of Oromummaa.

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