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Palace in Oromia.

4 Kilo Palace rests on 40,000Sqm of land and it contains myriads of historical buildings and plants. For generations, it has been viewed as the epicenter of political power, where the most powerful family in the land resides. The renovated compound incorporates several sights of interest to visitors, including an arena, a playground, a zoo, Aquarium, three churches, House of Royals and an imperial banquet hall.

Aba Jifar Palace is the most important heritage site in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, and a symbol of Oromia cultural identity. Located on the outskirts of the city of Jimma, the capital of the region, the current Palace was built by King Aba Jifar II in the 1880s on a site located seven kilometers north of Jimma and chosen by the King's father. The Kingdom of Jimma grew to prominence due to its control of the caravan routes with the Kingdom of Kaffa to the south, and its connection to ports on the northern Somali coast, which linked it to major trade routes crossing the Indian Ocean.

Kumsa Moroda Palace is located in Nekemte Town, western Oromia. The Palace was Built by the third King of Wellega king Kumsa Moroda in 1870s. It was the living palace and dministration office at the time. The Kumsa Moroda Palace has only recently been opened to the public after long years of neglect. It sits 1km north of the museum and served as residence to the prominent Worra Bekere family until they were hauled off to Addis Ababa during the Derg. The compound consists of around 10 buildings, and admission includes a guide who can explain what each building was used for.

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