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Nations have their own religion , history, language and culture. They communicate these values to others via their languages. It is possible to claim that culture is the prominent value of all nations. It allows people know others easily .It mirrors their past life along with their typical character and chronological order of events.The Oromo has a multitude of cultural values like wedding & marriage, singing, dressing styles, dining, conflict resolution and so on. The most common conflict resolution cultural practices in the society were siinqee, guddifacha , moggaasa, shannacha and others.Siinqee is one of the pillars of Gadaa, an indigenous system of thought and practice which forms the foundations of Oromo society.

Siinqee is an Afan Oromo word that symbolizes the thin stick females hold after marriage. It was a sign of fertility, productivity and prosperity. It had a social and religious power in Gada system. In the Gada system there was an institution of governance through which women ensure their rights to ward off the coercion and dominance of their husbands. Mothers used to give Siinqee to their daughters during marriage so that they could ensure their rights by using it. As the bride steps out of the door of her mothers house, she would be handed the Siinqee a traditional and sacred Oromo stick by her mother. She walks, imbued with the majesty of Siinqee, shoulder to shoulder with her bridegroom, who carries a spear.

The role of Siinqee in Oromo society is to keep the peace and moral sanctity of the society. Warring groups would have to immediately halt their hostilities once the womenfolk wielding Siinqee appear on the battle scene. Most importantly, when in justice is committed, the women in the vicinity would come out in the the morning hours bearing their Siinqee and baring their hairs. According to Oromo custom, the testimony of a woman is not to be doubted. It takes only the testimony of a woman to convict a man. However, it would take the sworn testimony of three men to convict a man as guilty.

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