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Trips and Tours

Oromia has a lot to offer to tourists: numerous historical and cultural heritages, attractive scenery, variety of endemic and common wild life and bird species, whole year-round pleasant climate, rich fauna and flora, important archeological sites.

Oromo have a very rich culture defined by everything from Oromo language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts. Today, the Oromo culture is influenced by the many factors of life and fostered by the size of the population and large land areas with diverse climatic conditions. Each year, massive crowds of Oromo peoples gather for the annual Trips. Some of the cultural Trips in the regions are Irreecha Hora Finfinne, Irreecha Hora Har-Sadi, Irreecha Arfaasaa, Gumi-Gayo, and Yaa'ii Me'ee-Bokuu. The Oromo people peacefully celebrate one of the most important Oromo cultural holidays, Irreecha, on the begining of October. The festival is a spectacular show of cultural, historical, and natural beautification in their full glory at the height of the season. It has spawned somewhat of a science of knowing just when the blooms will peak at blooms and decline, depending on the wind, rain, and sunshine they get.

Oromia is a paradise for Ornithology. There are about more than 800 species of birds known to occur in Oromia, 15 are found exclusively within the state's boundaries. Most of these birds are widely distributed, mainly on the western and southern highland plateau. Many of the semi endemic birds - like Thick-Billed Raven, Wattled Ibis, Black Winged Love bird and White Collared Pigeon- are notably common over extensive areas of the plateau, and, because they are big readily identified and not especially shy, they are consequently easy to see and observe. Three Endemics are confined to the southern edge plateau: they are the Streetman's Bush-Crow, The white Tailed Swallow and Prince Ruspoli's Turaco. For the tourist, they provide a very enjoyable opportunity of seeing something new and unique: for the bird watcher, they provide the experience of observing 15 birds found nowhere else in the world.

Wildlife in Oromia is exceptional from the bigger mammals to endemic bird life. In Awash Park different plains animals may be seen, including greater and lesser Kudu, Beisa Oryx, Gerenuk, leopards and lions. In the Bale National Park various endemic animals can easily be seen, such as Mountain Nyala, Bale Endemic Wolf, while the adjacent Harenna Forest has wild dogs, lions, and the Bale Monkey. Dhati Welel National Park, is the home of the largest numbers Buffalo and Hippopotamus of all the national park in the region and Ethiopia. Borana National Park is most important for bird watchers. You can also see Burchell's & Grevy's zebras, Ostrich & Gazelle easly. The Park can be visited either from Addis Ababa to Yabello then to the Park or combined with the Omo Valley Tribes of South Ethiopia.

Abijata - Shalla Lakes National park is located in the heart of Rift valley, near Langano, 225 kilometers south of Addis Ababa and comprises 887 square kilometers. Different kinds of water birds such as greater and lesser flamingos along with white-necked cormorants, several species of herons, storks, spoonbills, African ducks, gulls and Sterns can be seen around the these lakes.

Swayne's HartebeestSwayne's Hartebeest can easily be seen along with other plains animals in the Senkele National Park near Hawasa, and further to the South end, Borena National Park, combines wonderful scenery with a variety of bird life, Zebras and other wildlifes. In Babille Elephant Sanctuary, some 40km east of Harar, it is possible to see elephants and other game.

Some of the Religious tourist attraction sites in Oromia are Adadi Mariam Church, Kulibi Gebriel Church, Monastery of Debre Libanos, Zikual Abo Monastery, Dire Sheikh Husein, GohaTsion Mariam and Washa Michael Churches and DebreTsion Mariyam Church.

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