Why Invest in Oromia

Markos Invest in Oromia Aug 17, 2021

Why Invest in Oromia

Stable Economic Environment
- Comprehensive development strategy resulting in strong economic growth.
- Stable macro-economic condition.
- Government commitment to private sector.
- Safe and secure working and living environment.
- Low level of corruption.

Liberalised Economy
- Major economic sectors are open for investment and marketing.
- Remittance also permitted for principal and interest with technology transfer, proceeds from sales or liquidation of an enterprise, salaries and other payments.
- The investment code provides a conducive environment for private sector development.
- 100% foreign ownership of investment is permitted with the following minimum initial investment:
=> US$100,000
- sole foreign investment
=> US$60,000
- where the foreign investor is in a joint venture with a domestic partner
=> US$50,000
- for consultancy or publishing businesses. This figure reduces to US$25,000 for foreign investors working in partnership with a domestic investor in the areas of engineering, accountancy, architecture, auditing services or business/management consultancy.
- Substantial market liberalisation.

Strong market with excellent market access
- Strong internal market with a population of 50 million which is the first largest population in Ethiopia.
- The large and fast-growing domestic market offers good prospects for investment in and the development of consumer good industries such as food, beverages, tobacco, plastic products, soap and detergents, glass and ceramics, chemical and chemical products, drugs and pharmaceuticals, paper and paper products as well as electrical and electronic products.
- A state Located in Ethiopia the Horn of Africa country at the crossroads between Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Oromia offers a strategic market access.

Strong natural resource base
- Good rainfall, rich soils and favourable temperature range. Climate is exceptional, offering an excellent environment for various agricultural activities
- Unexploited mineral deposits, specifically gold, tantalum, platinum, nickel, potash and soda ash
- Diverse natural, historical and cultural tourist attraction with wide area of opportunity for development.
- Both urban and rural land is available for investment on leasehold basis. Lease right over land can be transferred, mortgaged or sub-leased together with on-build facilities. Leaseholders have the right to use urban land for up to 60 years in Addis Ababa and in a town designated as of the grade of Addis Ababa, and up to 80 years in other towns. The period of lease may also be renewed.

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