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Markos Trip and Tour Aug 17, 2021

Wild Life in Oromia

Wildlife in Oromia is exceptional from the bigger mammals to endemic bird life. In the Bale National Park various endemic animals can easily be seen, such as Mountain Nyala, Bale Endemic Wolf, while the adjacent Harenna Forest has wild dogs, lions, and the Bale Monkey. The Bale Mountains play a vital role in climate control of the region by attracting large amounts of orographic rainfall, which has obvious implications for livestock and agricultural production. Some 600 - 1,000 mm fall annually in the lower altitude areas, while 1,000 - 1,400 mm fall in areas of higher altitude, and over 12 million people from Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia are dependent on water from the Bale massif.

Awash National Park, the oldest and most developed game reserve of its kind in Ethiopia, consists mostly the east African plain games except Giraffe and Buffalo. It is home to the Oryx, Kudu, Caracal, Aardvark, Columbus Monkey, Green Monkeys, Baboons, Leopard, Klipspringer, Hippo, Semarang's Gazelle, Gravy's Zebra and Cheetah. The Park is also a natural sanctuary of numerous bird-species, some of which include Limburger, Wattle Crane, Angus Buzzard, Evreux Eagle and long eared owls. Water Fowls, Shore Birds and the colorful Ruddy Shelled Duck as well as the endemic Blue-winged Goose are common in the marshy areas of the park.

Borana National Park is most important for bird watchers. You can also see Burchell's & Grevy's zebras, Ostrich & Gazelle easly. The Park can be visited either from Addis Ababa to Yabello then to the Park or combined with the Omo Valley Tribes of South Ethiopia.

Unity Park located within the National Palace of Ethiopia , embodies generational legacy of Ethiopia And Ethiopians. The park opened by Prime minster Dr Abiy Ahmed to the public on October 10, 2019. The renovated compound incorporates several sights of interest to visitors, including an arena, a playground, a zoo, Aquarium, three churches, House of Royals and an imperial banquet hall.

Dhati Welel National Park, is the home of the largest numbers Buffalo and Hippopotamus of all the national park in the region and Ethiopia.

Swayne's HartebeestSwayne's Hartebeest can easily be seen along with other plains animals in the Senkele National Park near Hawasa, and further to the South end, Borena National Park, combines wonderful scenery with a variety of bird life, Zebras and other wildlifes.

In Babille Elephant Sanctuary, some 40km east of Harar, it is possible to see elephants and other game.

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